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Badhan is a voluntary blood donars’ organization. The journey of Badhan has been continuing since 1997. Through a Free Blood Group Testing Program on 24 October, 1997 in the Shahidullah Hall of Dhaka University, Badhan expressed itself. Before that, dream of an organization from the thoughts of doing something for the people requiring blood (specillay who gathered regularly in the Hall Gate) was running in the mind of one student of that hall Md. Shahidul Islam Ripon. Later he pioneered some other students along with him toward the same thought. And the outcome was that 24 October’s program and Badhan! We, the members of Badhan, donate blood ourselves and motivate others also to donate blood! We believe one’s blood can save another one life! Name : ‘BADHAN’ (A Voluntary Blood Donors’Organization) ‘বাঁধন’ (স্বেচ্ছায় রক্তদাতাদের সংগঠন)
Establishment Date : 24 October,1997.
Govt. Registration No: DHA-06152
Slogan: ‘ একের রক্ত অন্যের জীবন, রক্তই হোক আত্মার বাঁধন ‘
Nature of the Organization: It is totally non-political, non-communal, non- regional, non-racial, secular and voluntary social organization.
Goals and objectives: Initiating social movement to build up a healthy society through motivating voluntary blood donation, donating blood voluntarily and others services and awareness programs. Programs:
Motivating Students and Young generation of Bangladesh to donate blood voluntarily.
Free blood group test.
Donating blood voluntarily for patients.
Motivating people for voluntary blood donation and taking part in service and awareness program.
Taking relief and rehabilitation programs to overcome natural and human created calamities.
Expansion: Graduate and Post-Graduate level educational institution of Bangladesh.
Working Area: Whole Bangladesh.